Raquel Cruz - Teacher

Raquel Cruz

Spanish Teacher

Raquel Cruz was born in Salamanca, Castilla y León, cradle of Castilian Spanish and University City par excellence. Spanish is her mother tongue, but she is also proficient in Italian. She graduated from the University of Salamanca in July 2001, with a Bachelor in Hispanic Philology. Additionally, she holds the Doctoral studies by the same university, obtaining an European Doctorate in Spanish Language in 2012 with cum laude distinction. Raquel has a Vítor on the facade of the old university thanks to this doctorate.

She has ten years of experience at university level teaching courses of 'Spanish Language and Culture' and ‘DELE exam preparation’ at the University of Salamanca and at the University of Pisa, where she worked for three years as a lecturer of Spanish language. She also collaborates with the Cervantes Institute as a proofreader of official written exams, and she is accredited as examiner for the oral exam DELE.

As a hobby, she practices dance and, curiously, she spent a year in Turin, teaching flamenco at a High School. Rachel loves languages and travelling. She has knowledge of English, French and German, and she has a passion for teaching her language and sharing her learning with others.