Dani Marquez

Dani Márquez

Spanish Teacher

Dani Márquez was born on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Menorca and, thus, he speaks both Spanish and Catalan as his mother tongues. He is proficient, as well, in English and French, and speaks and also understands Arabic, since he lived, worked and studied in Alexandria (Egypt) for more than 7 years.

He was graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona (2011), and later on he specialized in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, with some postgraduate studies (2008) and an MA in Applied Linguistics (2010-2012).

Dani has been working as a Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language for 10 years (since 2006), and has developed his career in very different academic contexts: he was a teacher at the Instituto Cervantes of Alexandria, Egypt (2006-2010), at the Pharos University of Alexandria, Egypt (2009-2010), at the Center for Hispanic Studies (November 2010 - February 2011) and, nowadays, in the School of Adults in Menorca (2014 - nowadays). He has also taught Spanish to several private students and has developed an eLearning course for an Arab university institution.

He enjoys working with both adults and kids. He is the teacher of an extrascolar language activity in a primary school in Menorca, and helps kids in their language studies, as well.

His passions are not just teaching, but also learning, and he loves being a student! He loves spending time with his family and friends, and enjoys traveling, getting to know new people, new people, and new lifestyles! He's passionately attached to diving into Oriental cultures, such as the North African and Arab lands, and he plans to discover, as well, other worlds!