Spanish Teacher

Astrid is from Cali, Colombia.  It is the third most important city in the country and it is also known as the salsa capital of the world. Astrid has more than 5.000 hours of teaching experience to people from different nationalities ranging from Sri Lanka, India, Japan, and China to many other different ones in Africa, Europe and North America.

She has 8 years’ experience teaching Spanish to students of all ages. Her love for teaching is reflected on each students’ progress and it is this passion that makes her classes unique and dynamic and most of all highly effective to reach her students’ Spanish communication goals.

Astrid is a true manifestation of a woman from Cali who brings this spark of enthusiasm into her classes giving her students an insight into her Colombian culture by introducing her students to artistic expressions, proverbs and sayings, foods, carnivals and a myriad of other aspects of her country while teaching important aspects of the Spanish language in all forms of communication; conversation, grammar, reading and listening comprehension.

She loves travelling and making friends from around the world, reading, hiking and enjoying all the natural surroundings the city of Cali has to offer; mountains, rivers, lakes and the beach.