Spanish for Aircrews

Life as an aircrew member can be hectic: travelling all over the world, changing time zones, be stationed in more than one place. And all of these characteristics make it harder for you to learn a new language.

But that is why Spanish Gurus has prepared a special program for aircrew members. With our software, you can have classes from anywhere in the world. And you don’t even have to worry about missing a class because of work: we record them, so you will be able to catch up on everything.

We’re also proud to say our teachers are able to train you on the specific vocabulary you may need as a regular traveler and aircrew member. We’re prepared to accommodate any specific requirement that you might have.

Excellent Teachers

Our teachers hold university degrees in Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Tailored Programs

Our programs are tailored for your specific needs as a learner and aircrew member.

Classes from Anywhere

Hong Kong or Bogotá? It doesn’t matter. You can have your classes anywhere!

Record your Classes

Missed a class because of a flight delay? Don’t worry. All our classes are recorded

Learn Spanish and prepare your next travel now!

Group Courses