Spanish Citizenship Exams

Before explaining how Spanish Gurus can help applicants pass the two Spanish Citizenship Exams, let's talk briefly about recent laws. In October 2015, the following laws will come into effect:

  • Law 12/2015, dated 24 June, to concede the Spanish nationality to Sephardic Jews originating from Spain.
  • Law 19/2015, dated 13 July, about measures regarding administrative reforms in the sector of the Justice and Civil Registry Department, which in its seventh final disclosure regulates the procedure to obtain the Spanish citizenship by residency.

In order to get the Spanish Citizenship applicants have to pass two Spanish Citizenship Exams.

DELE A2 exam

Nationals of countries or territories where Spanish is not an official language must demonstrate their command of Spanish by obtaining a DELE level A2 or higher. If  don't know what DELE is, you can visit our post "What is DELE?"

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Spanish Gurus can help you prepare for DELE A2 Exams with our group courses or private teachers.

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CCSE exam

In order to demonstrate their knowledge of constitutional, social and cultural aspects of Spanish life by passing a test (known as the ‘CCSE test’) designed especially for this purpose.


We recommend applicants to self-study or get professional guidance from our teachers:

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Exams Official Registration

Once you are well-prepared for these two Spanish Citizenship Exams you can register to take these two exams:

IMPORTANT: applicants must obtain both certificates (DELE and CCSE) BEFORE you apply to the Spanish citizenship.