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Spanish Gurus offers professional tutors to support Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Spanish-related subjects. We recommend our blog post IGCSE and IB Spanish subjects. Different to teachers, professional tutors adapt to the student’s need in each particular class. These sessions are typically private (1 tutor – 1 student) tutoring sessions.


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Tutoring sessions can be acquired one by one or in packs of 10 sessions. The booking of the session (date, time and timezone) will be done via the Spanish Gurus portal more than 72 hours ahead of the session. The session will be confirmed immediately if the tutor is available in the calendar for that particular date and time. Urgent booking requests (less than 72 hours) might also be granted, but the confirmation will be a manual confirmation from the Spanish Gurus side.

Classes are via high-quality videoconference between the student and the tutors.

The courses are imparted by one of our professional teachers who will be acting as professional tutors. We recommend the blog post Teachers Vs Tutors to understand the subtle differences between their objectives. They have experience teaching IGCSE and IB Spanish-related subjects.

We record all the teaching sessions, although we do not publish them so as to keep the privacy of our students. However, the student (and parents) can access a recorded version of the tutoring session in case the student misses a hard-to-grasp concept or just wants to review the session.

IGCSE and IB Spanish tutoring sessions are the best way to bolster kids’ and teenagers’ education in case they are struggling or in case they want to stand out in class and in the exams. Learning Spanish will bring many benefits to students’ personal and professional lives such as new international study and career opportunities, meeting new and cool people, traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, enjoying a variety of Spanish-related cuisines, and much more. See our post on the benefits of speaking Spanish.

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