How Our Spanish Learning Method Works?

1> Free Level Test

If you do not know your Spanish language level, then proceed with a free level test.

Free Level Test >>>

2> Get Course/Classes

Once you know your Spanish level, choose a course at a convenient time. In group courses there are minimum 3 students (and maximum 6).
You can also buy semi-private and private classes or tutoring sessions. Some courses require learning materials that you can also buy in our shop.
If you are not sure on what to buy, do not hesitate in contacting us.

3>  Learn Spanish, Learn Spanish...

With our virtual class technology you will be in an optimal learning environment.
Remember all classes are conducted by a qualified professional teacher.
In the case of group classes, students remain the same for the whole course, so they never waste time getting to know new students in every class.
The teacher will guide the class following the eBooks we recommend, using audio and video material for a more effective learning experience.
All classes are recorded just in case students need to review the class after.
In addition, if a student punctually misses a class or a concept, the student will be able to catch up after the class.

You can attend the virtual classroom and access your multimedia eBooks via any device:

4> Receive Your Spanish Certificate

Once you finish a course, you will receive a CEFR certificate similar to this one

Download a sample certificate (PDF)

5> Enjoy Your Knowledge of Spanish

Knowing Spanish opens a world of opportunities:

Travel and get to know Hispanic and Spanish cultures.

We also offer cultural immersion and study programs in Spanish-speaking countries. Ask us more:

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Do business in new markets
Pass Spanish language official exams DELE and SIELE
Meet new people