Teacher-as-a-Service (TaaS)

As many language students will know, classrooms provide an ‘artificial’ environment which doesn’t always translate well to the overwhelming reality of multiple accents, dialects, diverging cultural experiences and different voices or intonations.

Teacher Service. Teacher as a Service (TaaS)

For years now, focusing language acquisition on one teacher, and not a teacher service, has been seen as prejudicial: how can one individual accurately portray a living, breathing organism such as English, Spanish or Portuguese? Even the best of teachers will lack information about certain topics and be subject to the expressions of his homeland.

This is particularly noticeable in multicentric languages, such as English, with its American and British variants, or Spanish, who counts multiple personalities between the “Madrid Spanish” and the variants spoken throughout Latin America.

Many schools are taking this into consideration and now provide a number of “immersion programmes”, in which the student travels abroad to a country where the desired language is spoken and takes classes at the same time. Because they offer both a cultural and an academic take, these are often considered to be some of the best programmes available for language students.

However, not everyone can afford or indulge in programmes that require long-term stays abroad. And that’s why the Internet offers an exciting option for these students: remote classes.

Why remote classes work: a teacher service

For example, if you’re currently in Kuala Lumpur and simply cannot travel to Ecuador to learn Spanish - which is completely understandable, by the way - you can hire a teacher using a platform such as Spanish Gurus and take your classes using widely available distance calling software. Despite the time zone difference, you will be able to arrange your schedule with the teacher in the most convenient way.

In addition, unlike what happens in a group class, you will learn at your own pace. Because you and your teacher work by the hour, you are the ones to determine how much time should be spent studying a certain topic, further adjusting the classes to your needs.

Teacher-as-a-Service / Teacher Service

But that is not all. Through this type of service, you can hire different teachers and different tutors, each with its own specialty.

Imagine you’re a businessman active on the IT industry and you’re currently looking into exciting business opportunities in Chile, a Spanish-speaking country. Then, instead of sticking to a Spanish teacher from Barcelona who will give you an essay about the marvelous Gaudí, you could also hire a Chilean one-on-one teacher, from a Teacher Service, who is comfortable with the vocabulary used in technology. You can find natives who specialize in areas as diverse as marketing, biology or medicine.

If you are not learning a language for business purposes, this offers great advantages for you as well. By getting different tutors, you have the opportunity to practice your newly acquired language skills with multiple speakers and therefore become familiar with more and more linguistic realities.

All and all, Teacher-as-a-Service provides a much more well-rounded learning experience than that often provided in classrooms.

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