Studying Spanish abroad: Coolest cities to do it!

Theres nothing like going abroad to practice or even to start learning a new language. Being surrounded by it and being forced to speak it makes you challenge yourself and youll soon find that local expressions will pop into your head without effort.

But if you want to learn Spanish and actually enjoy your time abroad you must pick the right city! So heres a list of the coolest cities where youll have no choice but to put your Spanish to the test.

Barcelona, Spain

When you think about Spanish you think abou Spain! And when you think about Spain, Madrid comes to your mind, right? Youre not wrong The capital of the country is a beautiful city full of life! But Barcelona, with its Gaudi buildings and the world famous Las Ramblas street is the perfect place to get to know (and experience!) the culture of the Catalunya region! Close to the beach but still maintaining an urban feel to it, Barcelona is a must visit city and youll not regret if you decide to stay longer. In case you're wondering, yes, Spanish is an official language along with Catalan.

Guadalajara, Mexico

You want to learn Spanish abroad but you dont want to do it alone? Just book your flight to a city full of students and world travellers that are doing exactly the same: Guadalajara! Not only is it a city full of history but it is also full of people known to be warm and welcoming! Take the days to know the city but at night you should hit the bars: youll be pleased to find that this city is in fact the birth place of tequilla and experts do say that alcohol makes you speak a foreign language better, dont they? Drink responsibly!

Quito, Ecuador

This is the city you need to choose if you want to practice your Spanish in a beautifull place. Its a Unesco World Heritage area and youll fall in love with its busy and colorful urban design. Quito is a city that receives many tourists all year 'round since the equatorial line is positioned right on top of it. Youll also find that the locals friendly and willing to help so why not strike up a conversation with them as soon as you arrive?

Cartagena, Colombia

Feeling like visiting a post-card city? This is it! Practice your Spanish with your feet in the sand, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and getting your tan on! And when you get hungry just head over to the closest restaurant and order yourself an arepa.

Youre probably already packing but before you go, check out our online Spanish courses. Our courses will give you a solid academic start which you can then practice with locals - not to mention, you can take the courses anywhere in the world!