Spanish via Skype

With the boom of e-learning, many schools now offer Spanish classes via Skype. But is it really the best way to learn the language?

Spanish via Skype

Spanish via Skype

Learning Spanish is much more than being able to understand Shakira’s lyrics or listening to Telemundo’s reports. To truly learn Spanish - or any other language - you must speak it, communicate and experience it.

And that is how online courses which are based only on grammar exercises and pre-chosen texts became outdated. Teachers and tutors alike began offering their services on software such as Skype, which allows for real-time interaction and spoken practice.

The advantages of using Skype are numerous: it’s an intuitive software which most people have probably used at least once, it’s widely available and many of its features are free.

What are the disadvantages of Spanish via Skype?

Despite Skype being widely available, it is blocked on some countries, like the United Arab Emirates, and in others, such as India, there are no Skype calls for landlines and mobiles. With the high-quality videoconference technology integrated on Spanish Guru’s learning management system, this never happened.

Additionally, Spanish via Skype cannot be recorded. Whereas, using our tools, we can save all the classes and make them readily available for students. By doing this, we assure none of our students misses a class, even if they weren’t present in real-time. It also makes possible to revisit each of the classes later, so, if you lose your notes or if you have any doubts regarding the pronunciation of a certain word, you can just browse our records and revisit your lessons.

In truth, the possibilities are endless: you can save your classes to study later at a more convenient time, refresh your memory after each vacation period and review contents weeks afterwards. You can even go over your classes when you’re on a 8 hour flight to Latin America!

Course Videoconference Technology

Course Videoconference Technology

Are Spanish via Skype engaging?

One of Skype’s well-known features is screen sharing, which means your teacher can share an eBook to go through class. However, our videoconference technology offers an even more engaging option: whiteboard sharing. Just as if you were in a typical classroom!

We would also like to highlight that, with Spanish Guru’s tools, the teacher can also share videos or other files and play them for the whole class at the same time, opening way to a broad range of multimedia activities.

Do you still prefer Skype?

No problem. If you’re more comfortable with Spanish via Skype, feel free to ask us! Our teachers can make Skype via Skype lessons available for you.

Spanish via Videoconference

We're offering 1 trial class for 1$. It's your opportunity to try, first hand, our purpose-built videoconference software.

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