Spanish reading practice – Best online sources

For any student, getting some reading practice is essential. Reading is a fast lane to learning new words, as well as learning the correct orthography of each one. But whether you are living in a place where it’s not easy to find books written in Spanish or simply don’t enjoy reading that much, these websites are your best bet. You can’t bookmark these soon enough!


Univision is an obvious choice for people trying to learn Spanish. The Miami-based TV channel has programs that range from news reports to daily shows, all in Spanish. If you live in the United States, you can find news about everything that is going on and practice Spanish at the same time. It also broadcasts to Canada, Mexico and many Caribbean countries.

ESPN Deportes

Do you like sports? Reading Spanish doesn’t have to be tiring. So if you’re not up to reading worldnews, you can always get the latest scoop on the world’s top teams. Football (or soccer) is the ultimate king in Spanish-speaking countries, but they cover pretty much everything, from Formula 1 to baseball.

BBC en Español   

Let’s continue with the news. Another option is to tune in to BBC en Español. Yes, the British channel also has a second website in Spanish! You can count on the quality of their original reporting and learn Spanish at the same time. BBC en Español uses a brand of neutral Spanish, which is appropriate for Latin American and European audiences.

CNÑ en Español

Much like BBC, CNN has a website and video channel in Spanish. They cover worldnews and run a special section about Latin America. So besides learning Spanish, you can also learn a little bit about Spanish-speaking countries around the world. If you read news that also feature videos, it’s a great opportunity to test your listening comprehension.

Casa Del Libro

Casa del Libro (House of Books) is a Spanish website where you can find lots of ebooks. Several of them are paid resources, but others are completely free. If you download the free ones, you can get excellent Spanish reading practice for absolutely zero dollars. Explore the website (it’s all in Spanish) and get going!