Spanish courses via Skype? There are better alternatives

We’re not here to tell you that learning Spanish over Skype is a mistake. On the contrary, we know learning Spanish online works and we can prove it. But there’s just one thing: having lessons via Skype is simply not the best way to do it!

How Spanish lessons via Skype work

Skype is a great tool for meetings and video conferences online, that’s undeniable. However, when you’re learning Spanish via Skype, interaction between different callers may fail, calls with more than 2 participants don’t always work as they should and you can’t see the teacher and their learning materials on screen at the same time.

Then there’s a second problem: you can’t easily record the classes if you miss them or if you intend to repeat them later. For us, that is a deal breaker. We know our students often wish to rewatch the classes to study or to revise contents, which also helps them to hear the language time and again, as many times as they wish.

Finally, we take a third issue with teaching Spanish via Skype: right now, it is blocked and forbidden in about 30 countries, namely in Asia and in the Middle East. For example, Skype is blocked in Kuwait, Omar, Qatar and in the UAE. Inconsistent service (or partial blocks) have been reported in Asia and in the Caribbean.

Is there an alternative to Spanish courses via Skype?

Yes! Because we have noticed those issues with teaching Spanish via Skype, we needed to find an alternative for our students. At the moment we are using our own high-quality video conference software, which you can access through your personal area on our portal.

In a way, it works like most platforms for webinars. This allows you to see and hear the teacher while displaying learning materials at the same time. Students can interact with the teacher and with each other using the chat on the sidebar. Classes can have up to 6 students at a time.

Another feature that we would like to highlight is the ability to record classes. This makes our student’s life much easier - they can review hard-to-grasp concepts while they are studying or rewatch classes as many times as they need before taking tests, the DELE or the SIELE. In classes aimed for children, the parents can join in or watch what their kids learned later.
Interested in learning Spanish online via videoconference? You can have a 30-min trial class for 1$ with one of our gurus!