Spanish Beginner Classes: start learning by yourself!

If you are thinking about starting Spanish classes, you can learn the basics by yourself. This will provide you a first contact with the language and will help you decide if you’re in for the long run or not. A good way to start - in our opinion - are our very own Spanish Beginner Classes with Maider. Here are our favorite episodes!

Episode 1: the Spanish Alphabet

Have you always been curious about the iconic Spanish ñ? Or the double ‘ll’? You can learn how to pronounce them in your very first lesson. Listen carefully to the way Maider speaks and you’ll be cracking the Spanish alphabet in no time.

Episode 2: the Numbers in Spanish

The numbers are one of the most useful things you can learn! Phone numbers, prices, age, time… what can you do without numbers? Whether you’re just preparing for the holidays abroad or starting your Spanish journey, this should definitely be one of your first stops.

Episode 3: Introduce Yourself in Spanish

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? We’re sure you’ll hear this questions time and again while you’re out there and putting your Spanish skills to test. Hop onto the third episode to practice a few sentences and learn how to introduce yourself properly.

Episode 6: Tú vs. Usted

We skipped over two episodes to jump right into of Spanish’s post popular FAQs. A lot of foreign students (especially those who don’t speak Romance or Slavic languages) tend to be confused by the difference between the casual ‘tú’ and the formal ‘usted’. Well, not anymore!

Episode 9: How to Order Drinks in Spanish

Ever so practical, we imagine this is a episode you’ll be looking for. Traveling to Spain? Sangria! Mexico? Margaritas! Uruguay? Have a mate! Wherever you’re going, we’re sure you’ll need to order some drinks along the way.

Episode 10: Ser vs. Estar

Alright, it’s time for a little bit of grammar! Spanish, like all Romance languages, has more than one translation for the verb ‘to be’. English speakers are usually taken aback by this, but the ser vs. estar dynamic is made simple by our wonderful Maider. Good luck!

Episode 15: How to Tell Time in Spanish

For those of you who are only interested in survival Spanish, here’s a fun episode. Do you want to understand understand the schedule changes in your flight or train without waiting for the English translation? Episode 15 has got you covered.

Episode 18: The verb to like in Spanish (Gustar)

A famous reggaeton song with the lyrics ‘si a tí te gusta, a mi me encanta’ must’ve been the whole world’s introduction to how Spaniards say they like things. But that was only until Maider’s last episode came along!

Looking for more classes? You can check out the 18 Beginner Spanish Lessons with Maider on Youtube for free. If you’d like to go further, you can also check out our group classes for all levels of Spanish and enroll in one of our courses. ¡Hasta pronto!