WHY Learn Spanish with Spanish Gurus?

We are often asked what makes us different from our competitors. To be honest, its our favorite question because we can tell you why we are the best online Spanish course!

At Spanish Gurus, we focus on the people. What a cliché! but what this means is that we believe that to learn a new language you need real people. Native teachers or locals who can guide you through your journey as opposed to a machine that tries to measure your progress through an impersonal algorithm.

When you enroll in one of our courses, you will get access to professional online Spanish courses, either in group or by yourself. These online courses are taught by native Spanish teachers who specialize in teaching Spanish as a second language, they are practical and follow a rigorous curriculum that can be matched to the CEFR framework.

How do our online Spanish courses work?

The first thing youll do is complete a Spanish level test. So, instead of initiating a class that will focus on topics you already know, this level test will place you exactly where you should be to build on your knowledge. During the course, rather than working on repetitive assignments or being bound by tight time frames, you can progress at your own pace by reviewing past lessons that Spanish Gurus' language management system recorded. You are also provided with e-books and audio books that will allow you to dig deeper on certain topics you didn't catch at first try.

This information is wherever you are, which is why we talk about "Spanish Anywhere"! So whether you prefer a computer, a smartphone or tablet, you can connect to our portal and learn... anytime, anywhere.

What about Spanish language immersion?

But if youre thinking that this is lacking the immersion component, you should know that we often organize events in different cities where we gather all of our community Whether you are still learning or you feel ready to test your recently acquired skills, join us at one of these events and get the chance to meet us and all of our Spanish native speaker mentors!


If you are still spending your time with one of those Learn Spanish 5 minutes a day apps, sign up for a 30 minute Spanish trial class!