What is SIELE?

Do you speak Spanish? Do you have any proof that you do? If you don’t, consider taking the DELE or the SIELE exams.


What is the SIELE?

Like the DELE, the brand-new SIELE aims to assess your level of fluency in the Spanish language and provide you with a certification for it. However, there’s one big catch to it: it’s made using electronic means. The punctuation you obtain determines your level, which in turn can be converted into those from the European Framework.

The SIELE is promoted not only by Instituto Cervantes, but also by three of the biggest universities in the Spanish-speaking world: the University of Salamanca (Spain), the Autonomous University of México (Mexico) and the University of Buenos Aires (Venezuela). Therefore, it has a panhispanic approach and all variants of Spanish might be used in the exam, starting with beginner levels.

How should I prepare for the SIELE?

The exam itself is similar to the DELE, testing different skills through several types of tests. But, unlike the DELE, you can take it anywhere at any given time. The results are faster too: you can have your results in a maximum of three weeks.

Are you Interested?

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