Recording Spanish Classes

Recording Spanish Classes for later revision has many benefits for the student.

Recording Spanish Classes

Benefits of Recording Spanish Classes

  1. Quality control: our Head Teacher can ensure the best standards in education are met.
  2. Students who miss a class can catch up and not lose track of the course. Imagine you have a last-minute flight to catch or imagine you are sick during the nominal class time, you can always catch up with the class once you are in a quiet and comfortable place.
  3. Students, even if they attend the class, can review concepts they did not understand perfectly during the class time.
  4. Classes can be used as review materials before the exam. Students might want a video and audio archive of the class for studying purposes.
  5. If the students lose his/her notes, the student can always lean on the recorded classes without going into panic mode. She can always review a recorded Spanish class
  6. The student can watch the recorded Spanish class at variable speed. For example, playing it at 1.5x for easy concepts and 1x for hard-to-grasp concepts. Variable speed is scientifically proven to minimize loss of focus while attending a recorded class.

These are just some benefits of recording Spanish classes for you.

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