How to obtain Spanish certification

If you speak Spanish, then you will most likely want to obtain international recognition of your skills or level. Without recognition you can't use it on your personal résumé or apply for an education program (such as phD, for example). Fortunately, Spanish Gurus will give you certificate of completion aligned with CEFR - and prepare you for DELE and SIELE.

Does Spanish Gurus give you a certificate?

Yes. After completing a course with Spanish Gurus, you will get a certificate of completion with your name and achieved CEFR level. If you don’t know what CEFR levels are, please our article: CEFR vs. ACTFL levels.

However, a certificate - either issued by Spanish Gurus or by any other school - might not be enough. If you want to apply to a university or a job that requires fluency then you will most likely need to pass an exam at B2 level (full working proficiency). The same happens with English, when most international bodies demand tests such as the IELTS or the TOEFL. In Spanish these are the DELE and the SIELE exams, which are recognized worldwide.

But don’t fear. Because we know most students will at some point sit either the DELE or the SIELE, our curriculum is prepared with those exams in mind. We’ve prepared them with the correct grammar contents, the expected amount of vocabulary and the types of exercises that you will find on these exams. If you’ve already completed a course with another school, then read about our DELE preparation courses instead.

What are the DELE and the DIELE exams?

These are the two internationally recognized, internationally accepted exams to prove your level of Spanish fluency. DELE is the “old” version, which you can take at Instituto de Cervantes’ centers a few times per year. SIELE is the DELE 3.0 - it’s prepared by three different bodies (one of them is the Instituto de Cervantes), you can take it online and the scheduling is very flexible.

If you want to know more about how DELE and SIELE compare, then read that article. Whether you choose the DELE or the SIELE, once you complete them, then nobody will say you’re not a Spanish Guru! Good luck with your exams or, as we say… ¡Buena suerte!