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Life as aircrew member means that you’re meeting new people all the time. So, if you’re an aircrew member, learning languages is definitely something that can enrich your résumé. In fact, it might come in handy even for the most common situations. With that in mind, Spanish Gurus prepared a special Spanish course for aircrew members.

Spanish for flight attendants and other aircrew members: what to expect

As with any course, our teachers will give you the basic tools to understand the language. If you’re a beginner, you will start with the ABCs: the alphabet, how to read each letter and how to introduce yourself. You will also learn key grammar concepts, such as the present, past and future tenses. Our goal is to give you a well-rounded preparation.

After these beginner classes are completed, you can expect to learn vocabulary related to the aviation industry, expressions you will need as an aircrew member and other words you might use as a regular traveller. If you need, we can also try to accommodate your special requests or prepare you for the DELE/ SIELE exams (which your employer might require).

Why choose Spanish Gurus’s courses

As you can probably imagine, we aren’t the only Spanish school offering special Spanish courses for flight attendants and other aircrew. However, there are a few reasons why you may prefer our courses:

    • Our Spanish courses are online, which means you can attend classes wherever you are! If one day you are in Buenos Aires and in the next you’re flying to Miami, this is ideal for you.
    • Pick your schedule. Spanish Gurus offers several schedules for each level, which means there is always one compatible with your time zone. Often times Spanish courses stick to time zones in the Americas, but here you can find courses at any time.
    • You can record classes. Flight schedules can be unpredictable: the weather may change on-route, airports might need to delay flights to make room for emergency landings, handling companies don’t always deliver, etc. But with Spanish Gurus you can record the classes, which means you can always watch them later.
    • Native teachers. At Spanish Gurus, you can be sure that you’ll be learning from native teachers with experience in teaching Spanish as foreign language. Our teachers use Spanish every day and will teach you Spanish as it is spoken nowadays.

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