Madrid: Where can you find the locals?

You booked your flight, you’ve done your research and, surprisingly, everything fits in your bag: you are going to Madrid! You can already imagine the museums, the sangria, the shops, but what you really want to know is: how good is my Spanish?

Well, if you have learnt conversational Spanish with our courses it's probably very good, but there’s nothing like the ultimate test: start a conversation with a local. Talking with a Madrileño is the ultimate test to your Spanish! So here are the best places in the city for you to enjoy your vacation while you prove yourself to a real Madrileño!


Plaza Mayor

Let’s start with the biggest and most important Plaza in the city. Plaza Mayor not only provides you with the best backgrounds for your selfies but it’s also the most crowded place in the city and you’re sure to find people to practice your Spanish with.


Mercado de San Miguel

Just a few minutes away from Plaza Mayor, you can find the biggest Market in Madrid! The building itself is an architectural wonder but everyone goes there for one thing and one thing only: the food! You’ll get a chance to taste food from all over the country and if you’re not too hypnotized by all the colors and smells, why not ask one of the shop owners for advice on the best wine? Or have them explain to you how to make the best olive oil?


Templo de Debod

Can you picture an Egyptian temple in the middle of the capital of Spain? If not, then you should take a visit to El Retiro Park because right in the middle of it, you’ll find it. Join the crowds of locals who choose it to watch the sunset and they will tell you all about this amazing UNESCO-recognized building.


El Rastro

Thinking about what gifts to get back for your friends? So how about a little detour into Embajadores District so you can visit the biggest second-hand market in the city, El Rastro. There, you’ll be able to find jewellery, vintage clothes and antiques. What a better opportunity to train your bargaining skills?!

Around the market you’ll find cafés and bars where you can spend your afternoon not only practicing Spanish with real Madrileños but drinking sangria as well!

Are you up to the challenge? Don’t forget to check out our Spanish courses to learn conversational Spanish.