What is the Best Way to Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish by Reading

Many Spanish language students may struggle to figure out what works for them, but the best way to learn Spanish is to use every opportunity to practice. Get used to the new words by watching a movie or listening to music in Spanish. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes when you speak. Look for short stories or newspapers to read on a regular basis.

Learning a language is a great challenge and to make sure you get your daily Spanish practice here are a few tips:

  1. Watch movies in Spanish.

Watching movies allows you to get used to spoken language and a voice other than your tutor’s. Besides, most of the time you will be able to catch the meaning of the words by the context. Another option is to look for your favorite movies (the ones you know line by line!) in a dubbed or translated version.

  1. Listen to music.

Songs’ lyrics might be harder to understand than the spoken speech you’ll hear in the movies, but music is an excellent option to practice while you’re commuting, exercising or cooking. Even though you may hardly notice, you’ll be training your ears to new sounds. And some songs are just so catchy that you’ll pick up words on the way: remember a few years ago when everyone was singing “Gangnam Style” without knowing a single word of Korean?

  1. Read short stories and newspapers.

While you might get tired or frustrated by the amount of words you understand in a novel, short stories are, well, a different story. Children’s books, for example, can be easily read. And so can newspapers, especially if you read articles about an issue you’re already comfortable with. Here’s a tip: follow newspapers in Spanish on social media and do this little exercise while you browse your feed!

  1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Every learner makes mistakes. That’s to be expected! Don’t shy away from speaking to natives because you are too afraid of making mistakes. Most of the time they’ll appreciate your effort. If you have the opportunity to talk to someone in another language, use it as practice. You’ll get the hang of it in no time! However, if you are learning Spanish for professional purposes and don’t want to risk making a fool of yourself in front of your supervisors, you can always opt to hire a tutor.

  1. Leave notes to yourself in Spanish.

This is probably the best way to learn Spanish vocabulary for your daily life. For example, if you write your shopping list in Spanish, you will know exactly what to ask for when you’re traveling or moving to a country in the Hispanosphere. You can also write your ‘to-dos’ in Spanish, which will force you to think in the language.

What is in your opinion the best way to learn Spanish? If you have other tips for hopeful learners, leave your comments on the section below!


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