Spanish Words That You Already Know

Even if you barely started learning Spanish, there are a few Spanish words that you already know. You don't believe us? Check the list of Spanish words that mean exactly the same in English.

spanish words same english

Banana means the same in Spanish and English. You'll go bananas with this list!

List of Spanish words that have the same meaning in English


Animal means the same in English and Spanish. If someone asks you ¿Cuál es tu animal favorito?, they are asking what is your favorite animal. We’re guessing it is not a mosquito - but, if it is, you don’t need a translation for that either.


Some spanish words that you already know are loan words: they entered English through Spanish or Portuguese. Banana is one of those words. And they’re extremely popular in Latin America: Ecuador, Costa Rica and Colombia are the biggest exporters of bananas worldwide.


La capital de México es Ciudad de México. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. It's really that simple! Capital is one of the Spanish words that have the same meaning in English.

spanish words same english

Chocolate con churros.


Chocolate is another word that entered English through Spanish. Chocolate was popular within the indigenous peoples of Latin America, and Spaniards quickly introduced the world to the delicacy. Mousse de chocolate (chocolate mousse), chocolate caliente (hot chocolate) and chocolate con churros (chocolate with churros) are all easy to order!


Going on holidays and looking for a cultural activity (actividad cultural)? Try a music festival. Don’t forget to talk to other festival-goers and add more Spanish words to your vocabulary!


If you are visiting a Spanish-speaking country and you see a big building with a sign saying ‘Hospital’, it really is a hospital. And if you ever need to find an hospital nearby, simply ask el hospital? (the hospital?).


Another very useful word for travelers. A hotel is a hotel in pretty much any language!


Es natural hacer un error. It’s natural to make a mistake (an error). Vamos al parque natural de Sanabria. We are going to the natural park of Sanabria. Natural means the same in English and Spanish.


At the music festival, guitars (guitarras) will probably be more popular than the piano. But keep an eye out for the Spanish guitars!

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