Why Online Group Courses Are Your Best Friend

Many people struggle to learn a new language, especially if their only option are online classes and/or guides. Some resort to learning apps which they eventually quit, others stop doing their exercises and most just get frustrated. If that is your case, maybe the answer you’re looking for are online group courses. Interested? Let’s look at the advantages.

online group courses 1. It’s less expensive.

Even if group classes will require a little bit of investment, it’s considerably less expensive than hiring a private tutor or one-on-one classes. This is also a great test-drive for those people whose ultimate goal is to get into private classes.

2. It’s less boring.

As much as we love language exercises and downloadable material that we can work on alone, online group courses are generally less boring. Within a group of people, you’ll be able to participate in group activities that will keep you entertained and engaged in the learning process.

3. You can improve more skills.

If you stick to language books and guides, you will only practice your reading and writing skills. On online group courses, you will be talking and listening to your teacher and to each one of your colleagues. Altogether, this makes for a well-rounded experience that will prepare you for the real world.

spanish online group courses

Old grammar books are great, but they do not provide a well-rounded experience and certainly do not do any favours to your frustration.

 4. Get less frustrated.

This is probably one of the greatest advantages of enrolling on online group courses. When you try to learn a new language on your own, you may get frustrated by your perceived lack of vocabulary. For example, if you have been trying to learn Spanish for three weeks and you suddenly forget how to ask for a coffee, you may get frustrated and give up. But if you’re in a class and none of your colleagues remembers, won’t that make you feel a little better?

5. Increased responsibility.

You’re more likely to succeed at any challenge if you can be held accountable. In this case, you will be held accountable both by your teacher and colleagues when you miss a class. Also, if you’re spending money in the classes, it’s not likely that you’ll give up and let that money go to waste.

6. Build long lasting relationships.

Online group classes are also an excellent way of meeting new people from all around the world! Some of our students have become friends with people they would otherwise never have met - and others met in person after enrolling together on study programs abroad.


At Spanish Gurus, we've already made sure that all of these advantages can become a reality. If your goal is to learn or improve your Spanish, in any level, enroll now in Spanish group courses and start learning in September.