How to Keep Your Motivation to Learn a New Language

Keep your motivation

We know better than anyone that learning a new language can be frustrating. However, successful students always find ways to keep their motivation during their adventure. Try these tips for students given by students all over the world and keep your motivation to learn a new language!

Commit to your goal.

A serious commitment to your goal of learning a new language is essential to be successful. Every time you doubt your ability to learn Spanish, your grammar skills or your rolled rrs, keep your goal in mind and don’t give up. Determination is non-negotiable!

Plan a reward.

Meeting the goal you set for yourself and the pride that it entails is a nice reward. But you can plan a special reward - a cherry on top. Plan a trip that you’ve always wanted to make, buy that watch you’ve been wanting for years or ask your friends to give you something if you succeed.

Travel to countries that speak the language.

There are several benefits of traveling to a country that speaks the language you’re trying to learn. Immersion in the language is one of them, along with listening to real natives all the time. But it’s also a great way to deepen your interest about the culture and the new language you’re studying. So, which one will you chose? Madrid? Chile? Argentina?

Listen to music when you commute.

Unless you work from home, chances are that you spend some time commuting at least five times every week. Listening to music is a great way to “kill” that time, but you can make it both fun and useful by making playlists in different languages. Associating positive feelings to your studies is a good way of keeping your motivation to learn a new language.

Find a penpal online.

Writing to friends who are native speakers will boost your motivation to learn a new language. Over time, you will wish to express yourself increasingly better. And you’ll be happy to read their posts on social media without having any trouble!

Join Group Classes online.

Everyone can agree that online classes are much more flexible and practical - especially for busy professionals or parents! But what not many people are aware of is that group classes online can be just as engaging as offline. Meet students going through the same process as you and invite them to practice with you. Learn the schedules available for our group classes in Spanish.


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