How to Learn Spanish

Schedule spanish languageThe best advice on how to learn Spanish is to practice after learning. But the trick is to know exactly how you should learn and practice. Adding Spanish to your day to day life in a way that is sustainable through long periods of time will enable you to prolongue your Spanish education. Only with continued use will the lessons be effective.

But how exactly? Read below!

Find classes with a schedule that fits yours.

It’s important to find classes that match your schedule. Often people quit classes because they can’t fit them consistently enough in their daily routine or because work and other activities get in the way. Finding a teacher that will be available when you are is possible nowadays (check out our schedules!), so what are you waiting for?

Make a commitment to your classes.

Once you find that perfect timing, you have to make a commitment to your classes. You may even add a new goal in your life that is dependent on your Spanish education, such as being able to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and not needing a dictionary, or even getting your DELE. Find whatever motivates you - the important thing here is not to quit!

Improve your vocabulary.

If you’re able to see the practical results of the lessons you’re taking - such as being able to write down your grocery list in Spanish - you will be experiencing small victories that refuel your motivation. Check out our other article on how to improve your vocabulary and keep on winning!

Expose yourself to Spanish.

Make Spanish a normal part of your routine - almost as normal as your mother tongue. We have previously written about the best ways to learn Spanish with suggestions from the SpanishGurus staff to add more salero to your life. For example, why not change the default language of your smartphone to Spanish? Don’t worry, you’ll find your text messages just the same!

Hire a teacher or a tutor.

Everyday language does not always correspond to the grammar established by linguists. If you want to learn a perfect, spotless Spanish consider hiring a teacher or a tutor to help you with this. Teachers with experience in teaching Spanish as a second language will be your best bet.

Study Spanish Abroad

Studying Spanish abroad is the ultimate language immersion method. It's a great option for those who find it hard to expose themselves to Spanish on their daily lives or who cannot commit to classes. Students following this method have set records of mastering the language in one or three months! If you need help finding a good schools abroad, check our list of partners here.

Practice every day!

Finally: Practice, practice, practice! Even if you have the best teacher in the world and you’re studying everyday, all the grammar and vocabulary learned will fade away slowly if you don’t practice. Lucky for you, we have given our best recommendations for practicing Spanish before, so head there now and become a Spanish Master!


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