Introducing Spanish 3.0 in Spanish Gurus

Spanish Gurus is proud to present its upgraded Spanish 3.0 system, which will provide more and more resources to aspiring learners. And here’s how it works:

Spanish 3.0 Framework

Spanish Gurus's Spanish 3.0 Educational Framework

Now, let us break that down...

Online Classes via LMS

Our core continues to be online group classes and tutoring lessons with specialized teachers. We use a Learning Management System (LMS) which we developed in-house to better deliver courses online and which is easily available worldwide and allows you to record classes.

Apart from this accessibility, these courses are also ideal for people who travel frequently, have a flexible work schedule or lack the time to attend offline events or classes. You can pick the class that suits you the best or discuss it with your personal tutor (in the case of individual classes).

Our courses continue to be imparted according to the CEFR, so that students are aware of their level on an international scale and get an appropriate certificate. We also provide special programs to prepare for the DELE and SIELE exams of Instituto Cervantes.

Spanish in Your City

However, if you’re available to have real-life discussions with other learns and native speakers, you’re also free to participate in our face to face events. Spanish Gurus is currently promoting “Spanish in Your City”, with local gurus in several cities throughout the world.

We organize several different kinds of events in these cities, including meetups, language tandems, dinners and offline classes. Take the opportunity to connect with other learners in your community and make speaking Spanish a part of your day to day!

You can check what’s going on in your city in the page Spanish in Your City or in our Facebook page, and stay tuned for more news - especially if you think offline classes would work better for you! If you don’t find your city on the map but are interested in one on one lessons, just ask us about it. We may be able to connect you to a specialized Spanish teacher in your area.

Study Abroad and Building Community

We realize that we can’t reach every city in the world, which is why we are never going to abandon our digital base. If you can’t practice Spanish in your daily life with other learners or speakers, we want to give you that opportunity right here. And that’s why we’re working on improving our platform so that you can message and discuss Spanish-related topics with other students.

We’re also building a large network of partners throughout the Spanish-speaking world, so that you can have the opportunity to study abroad without worrying about a thing. Visit the page Spanish Abroad or contact us directly so that we can set you up with a school in the country you wish to visit.

We want to be present on these 3 fronts because we believe this is how we can deliver the best and most successful learning experience for our students.

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