Getting a Spanish certificate online

Spanish is second only to Chinese in the number of native speakers. So it’s not surprising that thousands and thousands of students around the world try to learn Spanish. For those students, getting an official certificate as evidence of their proficiency is important. Because we understand that, Spanish Gurus issues a CEFR certificate for every one of our online courses.

What are CEFR levels?

CEFR is an acronym for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It’s divided into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, although schools often make subdivisions to organize their courses. Check here to see how they compare with ACTFL levels.

Online Spanish courses with a certificate

At Spanish Gurus, you will have group classes (max. 5 students per group) with professional native teachers. We don’t operate with bots, we’re not an app nor an online course without human interaction. Since we organize these online courses according to CEFR levels, this means you will get a CEFR certificate once you complete a certain level.

Are there other Spanish online certificates?

Yes, there are. If you want to use a Spanish certificate to apply for university or for a job in Spain, we recommend that you take the SIELE from Instituto Cervantes. This is the official Spanish body to promote our language throughout the world, so theirs are the only official exams accepted by the government. Likewise, it is recognized in virtually every country in the world.

You can take either the DELE or the SIELE exam, but only the latter is available online. You should sit the exam only once you’ve completed a CEFR level. If you have already studied Spanish before but you lack the proper certification, you may prefer to take one of our DELE/SIELE preparation courses. We’ll help you revise key concepts and grammar contents, as well as train you with adequate model exercises.

Get your Spanish Certificate

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