How to get a Spanish Language certificate

Spanish-speaking skills can certainly increase your chances of climbing up the corporate ladder and finding a new, exciting job. But to prove your fluency in Spanish and add it to your résumé, you will need certification. So how can you get a Spanish language certificate? 

Certified Courses.

The easiest way to get a Spanish language certificate is enrolling in a school that will give you a diploma/certification at the end of the course. Everyone who completes one of our online or offline group courses gets a certificate in the end, asserting their level of fluency in Spanish. A number of other schools also do this, so be sure to ask them about it before you decide which is the best school for you.

However, for universal recognition, it is still advisable to sit through one of Instituto Cervantes’ exams, DELE or SIELE. 

DELE Exam.

DELE stands for Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) and it’s the oldest and most recognizable international certification. Each exam is divided into four test, and each of them evaluates a skill - listening, reading comprehension, writing and speaking.

It’s recommended to prepare for the exam carefully even if you have a high degree of fluency, so we’re currently offering DELE preparation courses. You can also check where and when you can sit the exam on the Instituto website.   


If there isn’t a center where you can sit the DELE exam near you, or if you can’t sit it as soon as you need, you should take a SIELE exam. SIELE is quite similar to the DELE exam, except that you can take it online and receive your results within a few weeks.

DELE preparation programs are also appropriate for those thinking about taking the SIELE. You can take the exam here.

Are you taking SELE or SIELE?

We have preparation courses with specialized native teachers.

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