How to Find Pen Pals Online to Practice Spanish With

Having a pen pal is one of the best ways to keep you motivated to learn a language for years and years. But if you don’t know how to find pen pals online to practice Spanish, you should read our tips and get to it!

pen pals online to practice spanish

These were the good old days. Waiting for a letter, checking out each stamp. But here's the online revolution!

Pen Pal World

Pen Pal has been around since 1998. Even though its popularity has decreased, there is a reason why it stuck around - it has a free account option, you can block users or entire countries, easily report abusive messages and cancel anytime. Can you find any reason not to give it a try?


Interpals is completely free and its community is still quite active. A lot of threads on their forum have new posts every day and there is a subthread for Spanish learners. They also have a language exchange tool, which will help with Spanish language practice. The idea of this tool is, for example, to match people who speak Arabic and are learning Spanish with those who speak Spanish and are studying Arabic.


Quora is one of the world’s most popular question-and-answers forum. Compared to Pen Pal World and Interpals, it’s a less obvious choice to find pen pals online to practice Spanish with. But Quora allows you to connect with people from very different places and have conversations with them about any question that pops up. You won’t be matched to a profile, you will interact with those who share your interests and, maybe, your opinions too. And the best thing? Quora announced a new version in Spanish in August 2016.

Online Forums

Meeting people on online forums follows the same logic of finding pen pals online to practice Spanish through Quora. You will know people who have at least a shared interest, and grow your friendship from there. For example, if you happen to like tennis, why don’t you join a forum about it and discuss the latest matches with a new found friend in Mexico?