What to expect from Level A2: Elementary?

If youre done with the A1 level or simply curious about what to expect from level A2, them this is the list for you!

Find out what to expect from the A2 Level: Elementary:

-Youll be able to introduce yourself properly

Forget about your name, your age or what country youre from At the end of this level you will no longer get nervous about starting a conversation with a stranger. Introducing yourself wont be a previously memorized set of sentences but a nice and easy to understand chat to which you will be able to add information about your job, your parents name and what your town is known for.

-You will understand and utilize frequent expressions

One of the many great things about learning Spanish with a native speaker, (something you will be able to enjoy at Spanish Gurus) is that you are going to be on the inside of the local and untranslatable expressions this beautiful language has.

Not only that but you will not be ashamed of using them since youll get to know their actual meaning and wont be afraid to state them whenever you find the perfect opportunity!

-Fluent on the most relevant subject

If you have a trip to a Spanish speaking country planned for soon, you dont need to worry! You are ready to go shopping for groceries, asking for basic directions and order your meal at a restaurant. And if you want to prove yourself, why not tell someone what company your work for and where you got your degree?

-Youll be able to respond to simple tasks

If someone asks you to "pásame la sal por favor" at the table youll know theyre not talking about the weather! At the end of this level you will be fully prepared to engage with people in the simpler tasks. You will no longer be embarrassed to ask people to talk slower or to translate what they have just said into English (or into your native language) because youll simply not feel the need to ask for any of that. Respond quickly and confidently to what people are asking you to do because you are not mistaken about what they said!

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