What is DELE?

Do you speak Spanish? Do you have any proof that you do? If you don’t, consider taking the DELE or the SIELE exams.

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What is the DELE?

The DELE is an internationally recognized certification of your Spanish language level. This recognition expands beyond academic circles and extends to the business and entrepreneurial world. It is currently regulated by Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish institute which is present in several countries throughout the world.

You may take the exam for all the levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - A1 (Beginner), A2 (Elementary), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Upper Intermediate), C1 (Working Proficiency) and C2 (Complete Fluency). If you are unsure about which is your level, take a free level test here at Spanish Gurus.

Please note that the DELE prefers “Spanish from Madrid” and other variations of the language are only included in the exams for the most advanced levels.

How should I prepare for the DELE?

The DELE exam can be divided in four different tests - each of them will evaluate a skill, writing, reading, listening or speaking. You can find exam models on the official website of the Instituto. Because you will be tested on all of these different skills, most people choose to take several preparation classes beforehand, with intensive courses and practice exams.

You can take the DELE in any Cervantes center near you on scheduled dates. Prices may vary from country to country, so we advise you to check with your local test center.

Are you Interested?

Start preparing for your DELE or SIELE exam right now. Spanish Gurus offers comprehensive study guides and preparation courses for every level and every student!

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