The Definitive Guide to the Best Way to Learn Spanish

We've already posted several articles about the best way to learn Spanish and tips for aspiring learners, but it's about time we condense them all into a definitive, comprehensive guide that answers all your questions. Note: this Definitive Guide to the Best Way to Learn Spanish will be continuously updated as we receive more questions, post more articles and more resources.

What should you do before you start learning Spanish?

Having a strong will to learn Spanish is the first step to succeed in your quest to become a Spanish Guru. If you don't have it, perhaps it's not the right time to start learning Spanish. But if you do, here are some articles that can help you:

More reasons to learn Spanish:
Best way to learn spanish - latin american spanish

The Spanish and the Argentinian flag, side by side.

Is it better to learn Spain Spanish or Latin American Spanish?

There isn't a simple answer to this one. In the end, it depends on why you want to learn Spanish. When you're learning Spanish out of curiosity or for cultural reasons, one or the other will do. On the contrary, if you're learning because of work, take into consideration:

  • where are you most likely to travel to: Latin America or Spain?
  • where are you most likely to work at?
  • are your business partners from Latin America or from Spain?
  • is your company more likely to expand to Latin America or to Spain?
  • which culture are you most exposed to?
  • is the Spanish-speaking community in your city from Latin America or Spain?
Read more about the differences between Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish:
And more about Business Spanish:

Is it possible to learn Spanish in a month?

Some people have attempted to learn Spanish in a month through intensive classes and immersion, but these situations are rare. However, the more your practice Spanish in your daily life, the faster you'll learn. Read the sections below for some tips on how to practice Spanish in your daily life.

How can you improve your Spanish vocabulary?

Classes are great to understand how Spanish works and learn grammar, but you'll need more than that in your day to day. Acquiring vocabulary is essential to achieving fluency, and we've recommended a few tips and activities that will help you in the process.

How can you improve your Spanish accent?

We understand that a lot of Spanish phonemes sound odd to foreigners, which is why we have already described the best exercises you can make to improve them.

Do you have any tips about Spanish Grammar?

Well, yes. So glad you asked! Here are some topics we've covered so far:

We have also explained some Grammar contents students usually struggle with, such as where to place accent marks in Spanish, the Spanish Gender, the difference between por and para,

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What is the best way to learn Spanish online?

These days, there are several resources to learn Spanish online. At Spanish Gurus, for example, we have group classes and individual/tutoring lessons.

What's the best way to learn Spanish offline?

Yes, the Internet does wonders, but there's not all there is to it. You can also enrol in classes offline, attend Meetups or other events and study abroad. Check out our section "Spanish in Your City" for events near you. You can also subscribe to your newsletter to keep yourself updated.

How can you obtain a certificate?

Good question. The best way to certify your Spanish knowledge is to apply for the DELE and SIELE exams of Instituto Cervantes, which are the Spanish equivalent for TOEFL or IELTS. However, some schools also provide diplomas at the end of each course, which is also the case of Spanish Gurus.

Can Spanish speakers understand Portuguese?

Spanish and Portuguese are sister languages, and are in fact more closely related than, for example, Spanish and Catalán (spoken in the Catalonia region of Spain). But they are not the same language! If you study Spanish, it's likely that you'll find a lot of Portuguese words, but it's very unlikely that you can read a book without using a dictionary. Read our article Can Spanish Speakers Understand Portuguese for more on this.

Should children learn Spanish?

Children learn Spanish faster and better than anyone else. The sooner they start, the better. By the way, we have Spanish classes for kids with specialized teachers. Have a look and send us a message!

Do you have any other questions? Please write them on the comment section below and we'll answer!