Certified Spanish Gurus courses now integrated with Duolingo

Everyone who has tried Duolingo knows it is a fun way to acquire new vocabulary. Its game-like approach to language learning is perfect to get that little bit of practice everyday - which works wonderfully to complement language classes. If you haven’t tried it already, then you’re missing out.

Duolingo works almost like a game - sign up for a language (Spanish!) and then complete several tasks to unlock new content. You earn experience points (XP) for every new level you complete, you can befriend other players and track your progress. At the same time, you practice vocabulary, some grammar and your listening skills.

We’ve recommended it to our students in the past - after all, they can use it when they don’t have classes. They can also use it to refresh their memory and to have extra practice in what they learnt in class. However, until now, we could not track our students’ progress on Duolingo. If they couldn’t advance past a certain level, or if they had stopped using it, we didn’t know.

But those days are over! If you’re using Duolingo, you can now share your progress with your school - including Spanish Gurus! Go to “progress sharing” and you’ll see the option “join a classroom”. The easiest way is to use our email ID duolingo@spanishgurus.com. You can also click in “Have a classroom code?” and insert this code: mjysvs. Please follow these steps:

1 - Go to www.duolingo.com and login.

2 - Once you login, click on your nickname and choose “settings”.

duolingo 4

3 - In “settings”, go to “progress sharing.”

4 - Insert our email duolingo@spanishgurus.com and click on “Join Classroom”.

duolingo 3

5- Welcome! You’re now sharing your Spanish language progress with us.

duolingo 5

With this new tool, we’ll be able to monitor your progress. We can see your course, skills, lesson and experience. Join in!

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