Are you an adult Spanish student? We have your back

While childhood is the perfect time to start learning languages, adult students should be just as excited and motivated to learn. Learning Spanish as an adult isn’t impossible, nor is it incompatible with your regular work schedule. If you’re thinking about learning Spanish as an adult, here’s how Spanish Gurus has got your back.

Learn from professionals

in teaching Spanish as a second language

All of our native Spanish teachers are experienced in teaching Spanish as a second language, which means teaching adults. They know students are processing information in a different language and that often Spanish will be their third or fourth language. And all of them have been foreign language students themselves! The bottom line is: we understand you, which is why we’ve got your back.

Learn and study from home

When you choose an online course with Spanish Gurus, we’re ready when you are. Once you enroll, you can choose the time that’s most convenient for you according to your schedule and time zone. Then, you only need a WiFi connection to attend your classes.

Learn even if you miss a lesson

If for some reason you need to miss your group class - either because you’re working late or taking care of a family member, for example - we record the lesson so that you can watch it later. (All classes are recorded so that you can study them later, not just the ones you miss).

Improve your résumé

Another way we’ve got your back is by dividing our courses into CEFR levels instead of general categories like “beginner” or “intermediate”. This way, you can state an internationally-recognized level on your résumé that matches your exact Spanish fluency. Remember: when you complete a course with us, the certificate will indicate your level.

Really boost your résumé

with the DELE and SIELE

In case you need to take an official, internationally-accepted exam, like de DELE or the SIELE exams (equivalent to the English IELTS and TOEFL exams), then we also have special DELE and SIELE preparation courses for you. We’ll make similar exercises, explain you the structure of the exams and prepare you for each of the four sections.

Get 1-to-1 tutoring

If your work-related reasons are your main drive to learn Spanish, though, then we have something extra for you. At Spanish Gurus you can purchase Spanish tutoring sessions, in addition to group classes. This allows you to have some one-on-one training.

Learn at your own pace, privately

Private Spanish classes are great if you need to somewhat tailor your curriculum to the topics you discuss the most at work. You can rehearse, practice important things you have to say in Spanish in work-related contexts or simply improve your accent with a native tutor.  Purchase and schedule private Spanish courses on our portal.