5 Reasons Why Learning Spanish Will Boost Your Career

There are many reasons why learning Spanish will boost your career. Obviously, Spanish-speaking markets are on the rise, but there's more. Learning a foreign language will exercise your brain, force you to face other cultures and, maybe, look at your own differently.

Spanish-speaking markets are on the rise.

Latin America’s economic growth is one of the main reasons why learning Spanish will boost your career. Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela are all considered emerging markets by the IMF. As in all emerging markets, there’s plenty of room for private enterprise, originality and exciting new career opportunities. 

By 2050, the United States will have more Spanish speakers than any country.

The world’s biggest economy is speaking more and more Spanish. Estimates indicate that by 2050 the U.S. will have more Spanish-speakers than any other country on Earth, especially on Southern States like California. More chances of effectively communicate with a large portion of the American market is an enviable skill on any résumé.

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You will exercise your brain.

Learning a language is an excellent exercise for your brain. In fact, scientific research suggests that it may even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Keeping your brain active is key to stay on the top of your game - and ultimately take the next step on your career.

You’ll be more rational if you can think in a foreign language.

When you learn a language as a child, you’ll associate each word with an emotion. If you learn Spanish as an adult, your learning process will be completely rational. Thus, thinking in a foreign language will allow you to be more rational. Additionally, multilingual people have better problem-solving skills, as we've written on Could a Multilingual Brain Make you Smarter?.

Increase your intercultural communication skills.

Learning Spanish will allow you to understand better cultures quite different from your own. The whole experience will surely expand your worldview and decrease your preconceptions of other countries. You’ll develop intercultural communication skills that help with negotiation, traveling and business expansion.

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