10 Reasons to Learn Spanish

By now, you might already know some of the perks of speaking Spanish. But to wash out any lingering doubts, we will count down the advantages of speaking Spanish. These are 10 reasons to Learn Spanish:

1- Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world.

This one might surprise you, but Spanish is the first language of approximately 5.85% of the world population. In terms of native speakers, it has surpassed English and is second only to Mandarin. And we don’t know about you, but for us communicating without effort with 405 million people seems like one of the best advantages of speaking Spanish.

Spanish Around the World

2- Spanish is the official language of 22 countries.

Some languages have a great number of native speakers but are only limited to a specific region or country. That is the case of Mandarin, for example, which is an official language in only three countries, China, Singapore and Taiwan. The same happens with Punjabi, Bengali and Hindi. But Spanish is spoken in 22 countries spread throughout Europe, Africa and Latin America, with recognized minorities in some countries of Asia and Oceania.

3- You can Learn Spanish from Anywhere in the World

You can learn Spanish with the best teachers and tutors from anywhere in the world. Spanish Gurus offers courses and classes anywhere in the world. All you need is a connected desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and registering with Spanish Gurus. No more excuses such as "the school is far", "the teachers are mediocre", "they don't have my level", "there is no public transportation to the school", and so on.

Spanish Gurus

4- Spanish will boost your creativity.

Spanish is a rich language that will open doors to incredible cultures around the world. Learning it will certainly be an eyeopening experience. But if it doesn’t convince you… check how bilingualism can boost your creativity and your brain. [insert infographic]

5- Spanish will improve your career

Half of the population in the United States (the biggest world economy by GDP) will be able to communicate in Spanish by 2020. In addition, it is the official language of emerging markets like Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. A total of 22 countries around the globe list Spanish as one of their official languages. In the 21st century, having a good command of Spanish will undoubtedly be a competitive advantage for your career and business. Get in touch with potential clients in exciting markets, negotiate contracts with them and venture into the emerging Hispanophone world.

6- Open your life to Romance.

Another of the great advantages of speaking Spanish is getting to know the Romance languages better (which also include French, Portuguese, Italian). If you decide to learn one of them with a solid previous knowledge of Spanish, the task will certainly be easier!

7- And 11 Literature Nobel winners, singers, Academy Award winning movies .

But while we’re at it, there are 11 Literature Nobel winners who wrote in Spanish and countless other writers who deserve your attention. And if you’re not one to read nonstop,
delight yourself in the many movies and songs produced throughout the Spanishspeaking world. Here are a few tips: Pedro Almodóvar, Alejandro Amenábar, Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárratu.

8- Spanish is the language of tourism

Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most visited cities in Europe and the country is only behind France on the number of tourists received each year. But Spanish will also open the doors for the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. Prepare your textbooks and start the mochilon! Discover paradise-like Cancun (Mexico), the impressive Iguazú falls (Argentina), aromatic Salento and the Coffee Triangle (Colombia), relaxing Playa del Carmen (Mexico), unbelievable Machu Pichu (Peru), romantic Valparaiso (Chile), and so many more.

9- Read poetry in the original language.

The great poet García Lorca said " la traducción destroza el espíritu del lenguaje" or, in other words, translation tears down the spirit of a language. And he might be right, because we can find 50 ways to translate “destroza”, but all carry a different strength in English. So we’re going to list reading Lorca in his original language as one of the best advantages of speaking Spanish.

 10- You can’t speak Spanish without smiling.

Last but not least we dare you to say “Yo hablo Español” without smiling.

Spanish is a happy language

Do you need more than 10 reasons to learn Spanish? In this case, do not hesitate in contacting us. You can also keep reading our blog.