About Spanish Gurus

We are a global community of students, teachers, and collaborators around the Spanish language.

Spanish Gurus will be the world reference in Spanish language education with superb teachers and innovative education technologies.
Spanish Gurus is the coordinator of Spanish 3.0, a fun and engaging game where students, teachers, content creators and technology enablers form a worldwide collaborative community around the Spanish language.

Online Teachers

Videoconference courses and classes with the best teachers. Follow the official Spanish curriculum, prepare official exams anywhere on Earth and learn Spanish like a champion from anywhere

Immersion / Study Abroad

Learn Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country of your choice. Immersion programs allow students to learn Spanish culture and to practice in a real Spanish environment.

Spanish in Your City

Events in major cities of the world. Our ambassador teachers organize encounters with the only goal of meeting the learning community and practicing Spanish, all while having good fun

Our values

  • Connector.

    People. We build relationships among people: apart from online classes with friendly teachers, we organize events in major cities in the world as well as immersion programs in Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Connector.

    Fun. Having fun is the best way to learn and to teach a language and its culture. Whether through serious or non-serious games, we are always having fun.

  • Connector.

    Excellence. We persistently create better ways of developing our Spanish learning community. We are continuously assessing new technologies and methodologies to make Spanish learning even more fun and effective.

  • Connector.

    Travel. We love the world, so we love traveling. Spanish Gurus is a community where each member is located anywhere on earth.

  • Connector.

    Community Responsibility. We support rural development and employability of minorities ensuring everyone can be a member of our community.